Verity Furse is a fully qualified & licensed massage therapist

Fully qualified I.S.R.M. Member

What Clients are saying

"The sports massage provided by Verity has helped ensure I can train to the level and intensity I need to. Her techniques and informative manner are excellent and have helped me significantly increase my run training without any recurrence of a long standing calf injury. I now consider her massage a key part of my training programme."

Daniel Powell

GB Age Group Triathlete

"Verity is amazing, I started seeing her during my third trimester when I was struggling with back and hip pains from all the extra belly weight. Since my first visit my knots and tightness has disappeared and now I'm enjoying treating myself to weekly visits to keep on top of all the strain and growth. I would highly recommend her for your prenatal massage and love my weekly visits! Thank you verity!"

Amy Layfield

Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage

"Verity worked onboard Shemara on several occasions and for long term charters, seamlessly mixing into the busy schedule, a large number and turn over of guests. Verity maintained a faultless ability to meet guest requirements and often at short notice. Her ability to integrate with the crew was also notable and she was often a helpful addition. In addition, as a cyclist Verity has a good understanding of sport massage and I can personally recommend her for finding and sorting the key problem areas! ”

Julian Spier

Captain MY Shemara

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