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Verity Furse is a fully qualified & licensed massage therapist in Alaro & Palma de Mallorca

Fully qualified I.S.R.M. Member



Sport & Remedial Massage

Specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements, using a range of deep tissue massage and stretching techniques, including neuromuscular techniques, friction, soft tissue release (STR) and muscle energy techniques (MET).

Pregnancy Massage

The massage is carried out in the side lying position with a wonderful range of techniques covering the whole of the body. The treatment can be tailored to deal with any specific issues such as oedema, sciatic, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, neck shoulder or lower back pain. Great news for those mums who are still craving a massage which fully works the body.


Swedish Massage

This is also referred to as body massage, using lighter strokes than sports massage called effleurage and kneading movements known as petrissage, to gently relax and soothe tired and tense muscles.

Thai Massage

This massage technique is carried out on the floor, please wear loose comfortable clothing (similar to gym or work out gear) to allow the stretching techniques to be carried out.  Unlike the treatments you may have received in Thailand this massage is very gentle, relaxing and free from pain. No oil or cream is used.


What Clients are saying

"My wife and I have been receiving regular Swedish massages from Verity for the past 2 years and having had many massages at well know spas throughout the world, I can confidently say she is superb and probably the best I have had! Her manner, knowledge and professionalism is excellent. I have recommended her to many friends and acquaintances, and continue to do so."

Mr & Mrs Conrad Stone

"The sports massage provided by Verity has helped ensure I can train to the level and intensity I need to. Her techniques and informative manner are excellent and have helped me significantly increase my run training without any recurrence of a long standing calf injury. I now consider her massage a key part of my training programme."

Daniel Powell

GB Age Group Triathlete

"I currently have issues with my shoulders and back from training for triathlons and Verity has really help to ease these, I will definitely be using verity for sports massage in the future – I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Allie Park


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