About Verity Furse, Registered Massage Therapist in Mallorca

Verity Furse Angels on Board, Sport & remedial massage therapist in Mallorca

Hi, I am Verity.


After receiving sports massage for back ache I was so impressed with the results of the treatment I decided to become a Sports massage Therapist. I quit my insurance job in London and retrained at the London School of Sports Massage.

In January 2013 I completed the course and for a while had a thriving practice in the UK. A previous year out backpacking around South American had ignited a wonder lust so I decided to combine my new massage skills and travel by working on Super Yachts.

After visiting many beautiful locations in Europe, Argentina and the Caribbean I found myself settling on the island of Mallorca. Sport or Remedial massage are my favourite massages and I have honed other skills including soft tissue release, trigger point therapy and muscle energy technique.  Deep tissue, Relaxing and Post-Natal or Pregnancy massages are also available.

When I’m not massaging I can be found galloping around the countryside on horseback or cycling through the stunning Tramuntana mountains. Otherwise I’m having fun working, my way through the endless restaurants on this incredible island.I feel truly lucky to have found a job that doesn’t feel like work and look forward to treating you.

My past experience of treating guests and owners on board include, MY Amevi, MY Shemara, MY Aviva, MY Seanna, MY Kogo, MY Ulysses, MY Hermitage, SY Twilight, SY Marie and SY Elena, plus many more!